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How do I convert a PDF file to Microsoft Word? I've 100 pages of a PDF file, whenever I try to convert it online the PDF file converts only 2 or 3 pages.
Easy peasy if you have Office 213 or newer. If you don then get Office 216 or better 365. Seriously. Open Word. File 2 Open and then go get the PDF file. Word will now open the PDF after popping up a warning that the layout of the resulting Word document may not be 1%. This is usually not a big issue of the PDF was created in Word but it can get a bit hairy if you are converting a PDF created with InDesign. Click OK Bam - you have a Word document (editable) version of the PDF. Please note that the above only applies to PDF files which have NOT been locked for editing. Word can convert such files into editable form. But as long as it isn locked that all it takes. Just open the PDF directly in Word. It fast and works pretty well. Usually people are trying to get a PDF into a reasonable form which is easy to copy & paste from. And the resulting Word file is usually fine for that. Question as originally answered How do I convert a PDF file to Microsoft Word? I've 1 pages of a PDF file whenever I try to convert it online the PDF file converts only 2 or 3 pages.
Can Microsoft Office apps run on Linux?
The short answer to your question is yes but with what seems to be a fair amount of issues. You have a couple of options as is tradition for Linux users Use Microsoft version of Google docs e.g their online Microsoft office utilities s . In my opinion this is by far the easiest option and honestly quite nice. Can be a bit slow in my experience obviously requires an internet connection and forces you to make an account to use in the first place. The traditional option- LibreOffice. It not as bad as people say it is but it definitely no Microsoft Office. Still it more or less got all the utilities you need. And of course some things may not look the same in LibreOffice as they do when you open up documents that had been created in Office. ordered-list There you have it. Let me know if I haven covered all my bases.
What are the best mobile Android apps that will be useful in daily life?
Well its a very puzzling question. Because every day thousands of good apps are released on play it varies from person to person.I will say a few that I found handy. Google Keep Need to save something important in no time. Well the keep is a very handy app in this respect. It has a very simple and useful interface with a pin option to pin your important notes at the top. Also you can set remainder. Google Drive This app is literally an awesome one. Here you will get 15 GB of free data to save anything from photos to PDF. Google maps Get lost in the big cities or in the woods. Or wanna feel the excitement of your dream use the Maps by google. As we all know we can check any place around the globe in 3D. Also you get the street view which is really you can be a google Ge by giving information about the places that you have checked out. Curosity Reddit These are really some good app to keep you upto date daily. See this is just a tiny are hell a lot of apps ..please check it out by yourself on the play store based on your you can check websites like android authority tech radar for more information Hope you like this Well have any other question on mobiles and wanna know more about mobile tech follow me.
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