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File Format

Type of format
Programs that use this format
Document file format
Microsoft Word (1997-2003) Writer
IBM Lotus Symphony
Apple Pages
Microsoft Corporation
Document file format
Microsoft Word (version 2007 and later)
OpenOffice Writer
Google Docs
Microsoft Corporation
Portable document format
Adobe Acrobat
Utopia Documents
ISO Originally Adobe
Word processor
Pages 4.0
Pages 4.1
Pages 4.2
iWork '09
Google Docs
Apple Inc.
Lossy image compression format
Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Paint
Adobe Photoshop
Corel PaintShop
ACD Systems ACDSee Photo Studio
Apple Photos
MacPhun ColorStrokes
Google Drive
Joint Photographic Experts Group, IBM, Mitsubishi Electric, AT&T, Canon Inc.
Lossless bitmap image format
FastStone Image Viewer
Google Drive
Eye of GNOME
Microsoft Paint
Adobe Photoshop
PNG Development Group
Multi-platform, serial data streams
Microsoft Excel
Apache OpenOffice Calc
Google Drive
Apple Numbers
LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Calc
Google Sheets
Zoho Sheet
Apple iWork Numbers
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Google Slides
Zoho Show
Haiku Deck
Document file format

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How To Guide

How to edit a PDF online:

Upload and start working with your PDF in an online editor.
Fill in the fillable fields or tap anywhere to type using the Text button.
Enable Replace Text to change the PDF’s existing content.
Hover over the desired line and click to start editing.
Add images, annotations, and checkmarks.
Erase, highlight, or blackout the text. Use the Search feature for better navigation.
Add your electronic signature and the date.
Tap Done to print, download, or share your document.

Features Comparison Chart

Check out our feature-rich comparison grid that simplifies your decision-making process and filters out solutions that don’t meet your what you’re looking for in an online PDF editor. Choose the correct tool for you to edit PDF online based on proved data.
Online PDF Editing
Soda PDF
Rotate PDF
Compress PDF
Extract Pages
Split PDF
Merge PDF
File Conversion
PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
Word to PDF
Excel to PDF
Web to PDF
Mac PDF Conversion
Pages to Doc
Doc to Pages
Numbers to XLS
XLS to Numbers
File Protection & Signing
eSign PDF
Protect PDF
Password PDF
Unlock PDF
Share PDF
iOS and Android Apps
Chrome Web Store - Extensions
Other Features
No Software Downloads
Encryption and Security
No ads

What Our Customers Say

What can I say? It's an easy-to-use PDF editor that meets all my needs, from editing text to advanced e-signature fields and watermarks. Plus, it's free and I don't have to install anything.
I was so happy when I found this editor. It's much better and more affordable than the software I usually use for creating and editing PDF files. I would even go as far as to say that it's easier than Word and has more extra features.
Team Leader
The text editing feature is saving my life. And the ability to add fillable fields to my existing files is amazing. My team works with a lot of documents so the PDF editor works great for making custom adjustments.

How to edit PDF online

Change documents as simply and quickly as possible using different devices and operating systems.

Using Your Browser

on MS Windows

with Mac

Using Adobe Acrobat

How to edit PDF online using your browser

Try out the fastest and easiest way to edit your PDFs online. Our web platform allows you to modify existing content, for example, delete text or change font size and color, with the same ease as create a new one: add checkboxes and radio buttons, insert fillable fields for signature, write text anywhere in the document. Among other things, you can take advantage of a secure and reliable solution that complies with ESIGN and GDPR standards. Any data that you use is processed strictly according to the law and cannot be used against your will.
How to edit any document with our solution in 5 steps?
Upload your PDF from the device or cloud storage.
Click anywhere in the document to start writing text.
Add fillable fields for date, text, signature, etc.
Highlight important data, blackout sensitive one.
Click Done to save all edits.
Once your PDF file is saved, you can easily download it or share it with clients. With our web solution, you can forget about a lengthy installation. In any case, all uploaded, edited and signed documents will be stored on your account until you delete them. Thus, your contracts, agreements, forms won't take up the memory of your device. Get all the benefits of an advanced PDF editor and unlimited document storage right now.

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How to edit PDF online with Windows

The Windows features for editing PDF are poor, so users should install an additional app or try out the online editor if they want to add new content to the document as easy as changing original content. The market is oversaturated with offers for online PDF editing from full-featured Adobe to a simple add-image app. With our solution, you can turn any document into a fillable dynamic PDF.
Check out our quick guide to expanding Windows functionality:
Open up our site and upload a document.
Edit PDF online with advanced toolkit.
Insert your data and e-signature.
Click Done to save.
Once finished, you can download your newly-polished PDF in seconds. The web platform allows you to modify existing documents and create completely new ones from scratch. Regardless of your device, handle all contracts and agreements from one page in clicks. Get more benefits from our GDPR and ESIGN compiled solution to prevent a data breach and fraud, share and store data safely, and enjoy seamless document management.

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How to edit PDF online with Mac

Using Mac, you can sign and edit PDF files without any extra apps. Take advantage of the built-in Preview feature and modify documents as you want. Extended options of your operating system allow you to add text whenever on the page, highlight essential data, create and insert e-signature in a snap. You don't have to spend time looking for another solution if the Preview already covers your needs.
Pay attention to the step-by-step guide below to get started.
Open your document in the Preview app.
Start typing your text.
Create your signature with your trackpad or camera.
Drag the signature to the right place in the document and adjust the size.
Click File and then Export to save PDF.
The interface is smooth and straightforward, so you can edit documents in seconds. But Preview isn't a full-featured editor, so if you want to change the existing content of the document, you need to find more specific software. No need to install one more app and waste the device's memory. Get benefits from our online PDF editing solution and modify all documents for free. Try to turn your PDFs into newly-polished fillable documents now.

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How to edit PDF online using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe is a great document editor with a variety of tools. But the interface may seem confusing to some. Therefore, you have to spend time to understand all the features and learn how to edit PDF files easily. But all this applies only to the paid version. With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can barely sign and comment on documents. If this covers your needs, let's work.
Take a look at instructions below on how to add text on a document with Adobe.
Open Acrobat Reader.
Select File and open your document.
Click on any field and start typing.
Once you've finished saving PDF to your device or cloud storage.
This is the most productive way to use Adobe. If you liked it, you could go to the paid version. It helps you to edit the original text of the document, create PDF from scratch, send a contract for signature, insert and delete pictures, and much more. Subscription costs about $15 per month. Or you can try our solution for free and feel the difference right away using a simple interface to work even with huge documents. Besides our platform is web-based, so you can avoid unnecessary installation, get access to all features and edit documents online from any device.

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How to edit a PDF file online
Type ‘’ in your browser and you’ll find our online options for editing. All of our tools follow the same principle: upload your file, choose the Edit function, select among the editing tools you need and save the changes. Note that not all solutions are free and some ask you to register before downloading your edited file.
How to edit the text in a PDF online?
Changing the text in PDFs requires a special editing tool. Online solutions are the most convenient since they require neither installation nor registration. Besides, a lot of them are free to use. Google for our online PDF editor by entering ‘’, check out the set of editing tools, after that upload the file, and make the necessary changes.
Is it safe to edit PDF files online?
The security of the data in your documents depends on their storage and the type of encryption used. Our online PDF editor removes the files you uploaded from the server as soon as the editing process is completed. It is highly recommended to check this information before using any online editing tool.
Which online PDF editors are better?
Online editing tools, like any other internet service, have customer reviews and rankings depending on them. If you are lost in the wide variety of PDF editors available on the internet, address reputable review platforms like Trustpilot or G2 Crowd.
How to edit a PDF online on a mobile device?
Despite a number of applications developed specifically for Android or iOS mobile devices, a lot of online editors have cross-platform compatibility. In the second variant, the user interface might look a bit different but the working principle remains the same: go to ‘’, upload the file, select Edit and choose the suitable editing tool.
How to edit a PDF online without registration?
Certain online PDF editors don’t require your personal data (name, email, etc.) to get access to their tools. However, if you are going to use our tool, you will need to create an account. The process is quick and simple after which you receive full access to the extensive selection of editing tools. Use our online editor to make changes to your documents and be sure of your data security.
Can I edit a PDF online in Chrome?
Google Chrome makes it possible to integrate numerous extensions, including a PDF editor, to enhance the user experience. However, you can just as well use an online editing solution. Go to ‘’, upload your document, and use the available editing tools.
How can I add fillable fields to a PDF online?
In your web browser open our online PDF editor. Upload your file and check the toolbar for the option entitled Add fillable fields. Choose the area, insert the field(s), fill them out, and save the changes.
How to edit a PDF file online on my laptop?
Regardless of the device, you are using, desktop or mobile, our online PDF editor will help you cope with the task quickly and effortlessly. Import the file from your laptop, select the editing option, choose the part of the document you want to change, and save the changes upon completing the process.