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It seems like DOC files and digital notebook have become synonyms. For those whose work is connected with writing any type of content online, can hardly imagine their life without this file extension. So, what is it actually?

Breaking down the DOC format

The term itself stands for ‘DOCument file’ and is a file extension created by Microsoft Word. The reason why it’s so widely used is its simplicity and convenience for editing/writing documents. It includes various images, graphs, charts, page formatting as well as formatted text and print settings. The format is the default when creating a new document in Microsoft Office 97-2003.

Initially, it was used for documentation in computer hardware or programs in various operating systems. Currently, it’s a tool for creating e-documents. Each new MS Word version brought certain changes to the DOC format and its standards, which resulted in issues with compatibility. Among other drawbacks, it’s worth mentioning that users complained about issues faced while trying to open doc extension files like ZIP or RAR.

Due to constant updates and enhancements, the extension only existed until 2007. With the release of Microsoft Word 2007, DOCX replaced its older version.

File extension
Internet media type
Document file format
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Microsoft Word (1997-2003) Writer
IBM Lotus Symphony
Apple Pages
Microsoft Corporation