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For many users, PDF has been associated with files that can’t be altered in any way. However, that’s not exactly true anymore due to a number of online editors that exist on the Internet today. When working with this extension there are certain chara

PDF files and their characteristics

The format is mostly used for sharing files for people to read, review and file away while keeping the page’s layout unchanged. The most typical ways this extension is used is for electronic books, scanned documents, legal papers, forms, etc.

Adobe created it back in the 90s. The main feature the developers wanted to supply the new extension with was compatibility with any type of hardware or operating system. Most modern browsers support this kind of file by default, therefore, users don’t need to install or download any applications to open them. It should be noted that if the file has been saved in Portable Document Format it can only be converted back to Word via special software.

Except for text, it can contain hyperlinks, pictures, videos, interactive buttons, and many other items. If a user needs to modify this type of document, it’s possible to convert it into an editable version or use online editors that have been specifically created for working with PDFs.

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