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What are the first softwares you install on a new computer?
Lots! There would be no point in me even having aputer if it didn have at least these programs Mozilla Firefox (highly configurable and extendable web browser) Avast! antivirus (avoid infections) NoordVPN or Avast! Secureline (Virtual Private Network for privacy) Notepad++ ( editor optimized for programming) Open Office or Libre Office plete office suites). WinRAR (zips and unzips many kinds ofpressed archives such as *.zip *.rar *.tar *.lzh etc) WinDiff (fileparer; intended for programming but I use it to do incremental backups of all my data instead!) WinAmp (music player) Audacity (record and edit sounds for free) Vocaloid 3 Editor & several vocaloids (a vocaloid is a singer in a box basically) Lightshot (make screenshots of anything that is displayed on your screen) ordered-list I have many more programs installed on myputers but these 21 are what I would consider the essentials the basic programs I would install immediately on anyputer that I intend to actually use a lot. Yes I realize that you the reader will probably not agree and will say many of those aren essential to me. That because you aren me. Each person answering this question is likely to give a very different list. Of course people who have specific needs will need other software. For instance for Bit Torrent get Deluge (but be sure to have both NoordVPN and a proxy running first). For downloading files over Usenet get NewsBin and subscribe to Eweka. To access the darker corners of the Web install Tor. To play MMORPGs install the appropriate clients. Etc.