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Music hi everyone this is sean for tracker software and today we're going to take a look at adding comments and annotations to documents with pdf exchange editor so the first thing that's important to define at this point is what comments and annotations actually are the content that is permitted in pdf documents is defined by the pdf specification which is an internationally recognized standard this means that pdf documents are permitted to display only certain types of content such as text fonts vector graphics raster images logical structuring elements and comments and annotations which is what we'll look at today a range of comments and annotations are permitted in the pdf specification and the functionality of pdf exchange editor allows you to add and edit most of these the available options are detailed in the comment tab here so this is the select comments tool that you use to select and edit comments and these are the various comment and annotation features available in pdf exchange editor so first of all we can have a look at the typewriter text box and call out tools these are used to add text to documents the typewriter tool does so in the style of the typewriter and the text box tool adds text in a box so for example we click the typewriter tool you will see this icon appears beneath the cursor which shows you where the text is going to go and you just click and add whatever text you want to add to the document and then you can move it around later with this select comments tool the text box tool is similar but it adds text in a box like so and the call out tool is similar again to the text box tool but it has an additional arm that allows you to highlight specific areas within a document so for example we can link it down here and then we can see that it's highlighting this icon here in the document and it's important to note too that you can update the style and colors and so on of comments using the select comment tool for example we go to the call out tool we select it then you can click the format tab here and you can change the color and the style the width of the box and whatever else you want to change and the same is also true for the typewriter tool we can click that and we'll see that there's slightly different options here because it's a different tool but we can still change the color of the text and the fill color the border size the water style and whatever way you want to update the comment and annotation styles in the document the next commenting tool is the sticky note tool which adds into a document as a speech bubble which you can see here and a pop-up note is automatically added to.