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I want to show you the edit PDF feature that comes with small PDF so if you just go to small PDF com come down here to edit PDF it works like a lot of the other small PDF tools you'll go ahead and upload your PDF now there are more limitations with this tool it's not as feature-rich as maybe some other PDF editors you might find but there are some basic tools you can add text you can add an image you can add a shape and you can draw so I'll just show you some of the tools you can add a shape kind of adjust the shape you can choose to fill the shape or not fill the shape with a color but you notice your colors are limited and then you can also choose the border of your shape you can determine whether you want a thin or thick lines you can add in images from your computer resize them and then finally I wanted to show you what the add text feature does so this was a feature I was a little bit disappointed with but using the text feature if you put it over something it it kind of looks like it kind of looks like it overrides that at first when you have the box selected like that but it doesn't once you click away you can see that that text is behind it still displays so this is more of a markup if you were wanting to markup a PDF for highlights and things or add in little details I could think of it maybe as like a teacher correcting a paper but there are better tools out there for that so essentially this is just a really quick tool to be able to add details to your PDF maybe that you forgot or if you have no PDF Editor at all it will work for some functions you just click apply your PDF will process and then it's available for download right here I'll show you what the end product looks like and there you go and that's how you can edit a PDF using small PDF.


How can I edit a PDF without Acrobat?
The Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most popular document formats in use today. If you have a PDF file and you want to add the content or delete some but don't have Adobe Acrobat you can use alternative PDF editors . Below I ex how I edit PDFs with the PDF Element application . This tool can be used on Mac or Windows. Open the PDF file. Launch PDF Element on your device to load files into the program. Just click Edit PDF which appears in the large light blue box. The PDF file will then be opened in the program. Alternatively you can add the files to the program using the Open file button at the bottom right. The program will then direct you to the Finder where you need to locate and open the PDF file that you want to edit. Save PDF after editing. To make the changes permanent you must save your work. Go to File and click the Save option. You have now edited the of your PDF file. ordered-list Learn more about PDF Element s here.
How can I cut a small black area at the bottom of every page of a PDF document (scanned book)?
This is something that has been bugging me for months. Whenever I scan a document my Adobe Pro basically shrinks the of the doc so that each page has a black space at the bottom of the page. After reading another forum article I used the redacting in white as the author suggested and that worked fine. I thought about having to do this for an 8-page doc like the author was describing and I figured there must be some way to prevent italic these black areas rather than having to correct italic them. I fiddled with the scanning presets in Adobe Pro and found that if I indicated the page length to be 1.6 as opposed to the default 11 it stretched the doc back out to the normal length.n nI had another problem in that my scanner tends to pull the docs through slightly skewed. The result is that the scanned copy has partial black lines on the sides. I looked for a setting to correct this but don't find one in either Adobe Pro or in my scanner software. I again adjusted the page dimensions in the presets to indicate that the original was only 8.3 instead of the actual 8.5. Now my scanned docse out nice and white on all the edges - no need to crop or redact!
Where can I freely download Samsung’s annual financial statements (2018) in Excel format?
You might try to ask thepany. However the financial data are generally reported as .pdf - e.g. here s You can extract the individual pages with a suitable .pdf editor and convert them into Excel. There are a few free converters on-line Ive never tried but e.g. PDFelement PDFelement | PDF Editor Software s or Qoppa Pdf Studio - PDF Studio - PDF Editor Software for Mac Windows and Linux s are available for a free trial (if you need the conversion just once) or at a reasonable price if you need it for daily work. You can also use Adobe pdf web conversion tools for a small price. Both editors can extract the relevant pages and convert them to Word See the attached files as an example frp PDFelement. This is the extracted page Herees the (printout of the) converted Excel sheet
Can Linux become an everyday system like OS X or Windows?
A couple years ago I decided that I was going to go down the Linux is my only desktop road. So before I jumped fully in I installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine on my Mac and tried to run it exclusively for everything. Email entertainment etc. It was aplete bust. I was extremely used to the conveniences that OSX provides. There wasn shit out there for email clients that also integrated with a calendar. There were a lot of options but they all sucked bad. I spent HOURS trying to get things set up like I wanted which admittedly was what I was used to on the OSX clients. And just stop it before you say just use the browser for gmail and calendarit doesn work for me and I hate their interface. Oh and install a printer or any other peripheral? Pffftget ready to search and search for obscure drivers that you have to COMPILE and may just never work. And if you need to use the microsoft office suite youre just SOL. Open office is fine if everyone else uses open office otherwise youre screwed. I LOVE Linux. I really do. Ive developed on Linux for almost 2 years and am pretty handy at administering servers if I do say so myself. But as an everyday system? Forget about it. Not even close unless you adjust your expectations and have a ton of time on your hands. I remember hearing people say that Linux has finally be a full fledged system that can replace Windows 1+ YEARS AGO. It wasn then and it not now (at least for me). Will it ever? Im not sure and I don really think I care that much. Can it ever? Sure as long as someone puts a ton of support and money behind it. If youre a casual user who only browses the internet and checks your email account sure it fine i.e. chromebook. But need to do anything more than that? Good luck!!
How do I scan multiple pages into a single PDF file on Mac OS X?
To add to Brett's answer the Combine into single document checkbox is in OS X 1.7 (Lion). You won't find it on Snow Leopard. On Snow Leopard (1.6)n Launch the Preview app and choose File | Import from Scanner. It'll pop up a window titled Import from
What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
RubyGems were developed to simplify and accelerate the stages of the application creation deployment and library connection. Utilizing this package manager for Ruby saves you time as you get ready-made solutions to almost any task instead of writing the functions from scratch. Each gem contains a particular element of functionality including all related files. Unfortunately they aren structured in any way so in order to find ruby gems it better to use a regular search engine and the required key words (check GitHub s ). Our dedicated development team also actively employs Ruby Gems in the process of software development. Here is the top of the most popular and useful ruby gems according to our experience GeoCoder s . Being able to connect through itself over 4 APIs this Ruby gem implements both the direct and reverse geocoding by IP address geographical coordinates and even real physical addresses (e.g. the address of the street). Bullet s . The most downloaded Ruby gems out there. It was initially created with an intention to boost software performance. It does so by decreasing the total amount of client-server requests. Basically Bullet tracks the N+1 cases of requests and notifies the developer when other tools can be used instead (e.g. cache counter). Pry s . We rmend to simplify the bug fixing procedures for your RoR-based application with the Pry gem which is a more advanced alternative to the standard IRB wrapper. ActiveModelSerializers s (which starts lagging while processingpound documents) and uses caching. Fast JSON API s . Fast JSON API wille in handy when you need fast serialization of software code. It works much faster than Wicked PDF s . This gem is working alongside with wkhtmltopdf s and helps realizing an interaction with the DSL generator. Devise Masquerade s . This Ruby gem helps developing multi user apps. In particular youll be able to test your app from the perspective of users with different levels of access. Devise s . Based on the MVC model the Devise gem can provide secure user authentication and session management. Letter opener s . If you need to create a newsletter mechanism to send notifications to all users that launched your app this gem will help you do that much easier you won need to integrate and configure your own SMTP server. Money Rails s . If you are planning to integrate your app with Ruby Money this gem wille in quite handy. Pundit s . A tool that allows defining different levels of access to the app functionality according to the rights of an authorized user.
What are good cross-platform free PDF editors?
Many PDF Readers are free and good but it hard to find high quality PDF readers that also work for editing functions. If youre looking for something that works cross platform many new apps are out because their developers have limited resources and most of the time only work on a single platform. If youre looking for a great PDF editor and reader which actually works well as a total document management solution I rmend PDF Reader s by Kdan Mobile. Im with the Kdan team and along with 5 million other people who have downloaded PDF Reader I love having a robust document editing feature set wherever I am on any device. Kdan team has worked for over 1 years perfecting their app and now it runs on more devices than ever on Android iPhone and iPad Mac OS and Windows. If you want to scan PDFs edit them annotate use a great immersive reader or even to create your own apps with a great SDK PDF Reader is the right app for you. It free to use many great editing functions and if unlocked to ultimate mode includes many more like 1 TB of cloud storage for just $ per month. PDF Reader works with Microsoft office Apple iWork and many more file s allowing you to collect many file formats into one. You can use legally enforceable document signatures with DottedSign form fills signature tracking encryption and many more features. Trust 1 years of PDF development PDF Reader is the PDF app individuals startups and enterprise must have today.