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PDF Eraser: What You Should Know

PDF online With eraser online you can erase text, images, logos from PDF files.

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How do I erase author data from a PDF in Mac?
If you have Acrobat reader you can open the Document properties and delete the Author field. Go to File2 Properties 2Description. There you have the Author field. If you do not have Acrobat you can use tools like PDFtk or exiftool If you run a simplemand exiftool -Author= after installing exiftool you can get the author empty. A third rather simple method is to Print the PDF file. Open the PDF and CMD+P; in the print dialog2 Save as PDF. Then clear the Author field before you click Save.
How can I directly download Boy Erased: A Memoir of Identity, Faith, and Family in PDF?
Boy Erased A Memoir of Identity Faith and Family by Garrard Conley Apellingpassionate memoir about Garrard Conley's struggle with his homosexuality while growing up in an ultra-religious town and family. He writes about undergoing ex-gay conversion therapy disappointing his father - a Baptist pastor - and his church as a whole and using writing itself to cope with his emotional wounds. Though he tells his story in a consistent personal narrative style Conley connects his journey to the pain that many LGBTQ youth endure when raised in intolerant oftentimes religiousmunities. I loved the love Conley shows in Boy Erased italic . So many people treated him with hate and homophobia as he grew up and instead of stooping to their level he humanizes them and treats them as three-dimensional characters. He seeks to understand without minimizing his own pain; with unflinching candor he shares the shame and doubt he felt emotions instilled by the bigoted people around him. Conley's kindness shines most when he details his relationships with his parents. Their family's love for one another while tested andplicated by homophobia never gets broken. Overall rmended to anyone interested in the intersections of LGBTQ identity religion and personal narrative. Conley's writing while lyrical and eloquent never romanticizes the suffering he and so many others have faced. As a nonreligious person I gained a deeper empathy for LGBTQ individuals who grow up in religious households andmunities as well as for those who raise them. A bittersweet feeling struck me so many times while reading Boy Erased italic abination of sadness for all the potential romantic relationships ruined by internalized homophobia as well as hope that books like this one can help people accept themselves more fully. I am grateful Garrard Conley had the courage to write and to publish it.
Is it possible to remove water mark from a PDF file?
Yes but you have to have access to Acrobat PC. 4 Ways to Remove Watermark from Adobe PDF File on Windows s
How can I erase something on a PDF?
Since you didn mention which system you are using. I would suggest the one that works for both Windows and Mac. To erase contents on a PDF that is you need a PDF editor PDFelement s is one of the great PDF editor can let you erase contents with clicks. it charge $69 for the standard version. and it offers free trial to have a try before purchase. As mentioned if you are on a Mac iPhone iPad you can get PDF expert to do you a favor. price tag at $79. If on Windows you also can use Foxit reader s . it has a free trial version too.
How was your CV for CA articleship in big four?
I joined PwC as an article a month back. This is how my resume looked like - Some personal details at the bottom have been cropped. Otherwise this is how my resume was like. Some basic points to be kept in mind while preparing resume for articleship interviews in a BIG 4 - The college placement cell often has a prescribed format for the resume which will be forwarded to the HR department of the BIG 4. Make sure to adhere to the format. Don't mention ITT and Orientation coursepletion in the resume in any manner. These two are mandatory trainings and the certificate of these two clearly mentions they are not to be taken as an educational qualification. I've added the best speaker award in my resume from orientation because I was awarded an additional certificate for good performance in showcasing my speaking skills. Keep your resume short . Being an article having no prior corporate exposure your resume shouldn't exceed 1 page. In general all people working in the corporate not only articles should make sure that their resume doesn't exceed 2 pages. Extra ciricular activities. Do mention your extra ciricular activities like dancing singing playing a particular sport only if you are proficient in it. Certifications. If you've done certain additional certifications mention them under a separate heading in the resume. I haven't mentioned the most recent certification which I'vepleted from West Virginia University on Forensic accounting and 's the certificate. Mind you these certifications do require a minimum passing grade in each test( In this course it was 8% per test ) . Unless you pass all assignments you're not awarded a certificate. So yes this is how my resume is like.
What is a life hack that you think everybody should know?
1)You should throw away the cotton in your medication bottles. Believe it or not that little ball of cotton thates in your bottle of pills which is there to keep pills safe during shipping is meant to be removed. It can collect s moisture because of its absorbent nature which makes your pills deteriorate faster. 2)You're tallest first thing in the morning. If you're feeling a bit on the short side measure yourself when you first wake up. According to Jamaica s Medical s Center This phenomenon may be due to gravitypressing cartilage in our spine and in other parts of our bodies such as our knees when we stand up or sit down throughout the day. While we are lying down in a resting position the spine is said to spread out or dpress so when we wake in the morning we are taller after lying in bed all night. 3) You should sleep with your door closed. Sleeping with your doors closed will help s you s from s smoke s and s toxic s fumes in the event of a fire. 4)Sleeping in a cold room can help you slim down. Just a single month of sleeping in a 66-degree room helped increase subjects' fat-burning ability by as much as 1 percent according to research from Commonwealth University. 5)You'll yawn more often than you eat breakfast. Over the course of a lifetime you'll yawn approximately 25 times according to one expert s on s the subject. If you live to 7 that's about 1 yawns per day. 6)Fake smiles can hurt you. It turns out that faking happiness can hurt your health. For study 21 published in the Academy of Management Journal italic researchers looked at the behavior of bus driversa profession where people are required to have many friendly interactions throughout the dayand discovered that these people withdraw from their work while putting on a smile for show and that that could have long-term deleterious health effects. 7)Babies don't have kneecaps. Well they do italic . It's just that they aren't s made s of s bone. They're little bits of cartilage that have yet to ossify into bone. 8)The smell after it rains does too. It's called petrichor. Ites from an oil plants exude that dries on the ground. When it rains the oilbines with a byproduct from a of bacteria to produce the smell. 9)Craving ice is a symptom of iron deficiency. If you like crunching ice after you finish your soda you might be suffering s from s anemia. Also known as pagophagia thepulsive eating of ice may not just be a nervous tick but a way of cooling inflammation in the mouth caused by a lack of iron according to the Mayo s Clinic. So if you like chomping down on those cubes get thee to a doctor stat. 1)Sharp knives are safer than dull knives. Sharp knives aren't actually as s likely s to s cut s you s as s dull s ones. Because a sharp knife easily slices through food you only have to apply a small amount of pressure when using them. This means that you're more likely to cut the item you're intending to cut and not your hand. Dull knives however can't cut through food easily and often cause injuries when resistance between the dull blade and the food's surface suddenly gives way at which point the knife flies out of control. Since you have to use so much pressure to cut with a dull knife they often cause deep cuts and gouges as opposed to the minor nicks a sharper knife might inflict. Keep your knives sharp and hone those skills for maximum safety. 11)Wikipedia is downloadable. You can actually download the entirety of Wikipedia and keep it on a USB drive. Here's the s if you'd like to eliminate the middle man and own the source. 12)And it can act as your tour ge. If you allow Wikipedia to know your location it can provide you with pages about subjects relevant to where you are using its Nearby s function. 13)There are more life forms on your body than people on earth. You are a planet teeming with microbes. Trillions of them inhabit your body. In fact 9 percent of the cell in your body are actuallyposed of microbes. 14)And microscopic mites live on your face. Don't freak out but your face is crawling with eight-legged spider-like creatures. Fortunately they are microscopic and impossible to seebut according to the BBC they're mites with long worm-like bodies residing in hair follicles and pores or sebaceous glands. 15)The size of your social circle is related to the size of your brain. A scientist s at s Oxford s discovered that the size of a person's orbitomedial prefrontal cortex (the part of a brain that identifies other people's moods and personalities) can predict the size of that person's social circle. The average prefrontal cortex averages out to around 147.8 friends in a social network. 16) And people with friends live longer. People with active social networks and close friends they talk to live longer than people who rely only on family according to researchers at Michigan s State s University. So whenever possible make time to see the members of your social circle even if it's just for a coffee. 17) Taking aspirin during a heart attack may save your life. Taking s an s aspirin at the first sign of a heart s attack can be a lifesaver. The drug inhibits platelets from forming a clot that can block and artery and cause a full-on heart attack. For the fastest relief (and time is of the essence) chew the aspirin instead of swallowing it. 18)Blue cheese can change your dreams. Having strange dreams? It's time to skip the blue cheese on your salad. According to research from the British Cheese Board eating blue cheese is particularly associated with vivid dreams. 19)Dishwashers need washing too. If you've never cleaned s your s dishwasher. Look up some instructional videos or hire a professional and get that thing in tip-top shape. It will greatly improve your machine's performance. 2) Women have more pain receptors than men. They also have a higher tolerance for pain than men do according to Time. italic 21) You can use Amazon for charity. Use Amazon Smile instead of old Amazon and Amazon will donate .5 percent of your purchases to a charity of your choosing. 22) Many phones attach GPS data to your photos by default. Many phones including iPhones track your location and attach that information to every picture you take by default. You can turn s it off in s your s settings but that doesn't remove the information from pictures you've already taken. 23)I.e. and e.g. are not the same thing. I.e. is s an s abbreviation of id est italic which means that is but you can remember what it means with the phrase in essence. E.g. on the other hand stands for exempli gratia italic which means for the sake of example but can easily be remembered as example given. 24)Water won't put out a grease fire. Water will make a s grease s fire much much worse. Instead starve the fire of oxygen bypletely covering it and removing it from heat if possible. Baking soda will also help put out a grease fire as will a class B fire extinguisher. 25)You can (probably) mute your microwave. Most modern s microwavese with a mute option. Sometimes it's as easy as finding the button that has mute written on it in small letters and holding that down for a while. Otherwise check your owner's manual and exponentially improve your quality of life. 26)Finishing your antibiotics is crucial. If you stop taking antibiotics before you're supposed to any bacteria that didn't get killed can develop an immunity to that antibiotic and be a super-strain that's s much s more s difficult to kill in the future. So keep taking your pills even if you feel better. 27)You can blur your house on Google's street view. Go to your house click on it and then click report a problem at the bottom of the screen. You can also do this for your face or your car. 28)You can cancel free trials before they expire. Instead of accidentally getting duped into a membership to a service you don't want simply cancel s during s the s free s trial s period. With most free trials you can cancel immediately after you sign up and still enjoy the entire trial period. Don't forget to upvote thank youud83dude4f
Why do most MBBS students own an iPad?
Because it is simply the best thing out there for students. nThough I am still in 1st year but I already feel that it is the best investment I could have made as a student and especially during this period of lockdown as I have all my books and notes with me in my iPad whereas a lot of people I know are stuck at home with all their books lying in their hostel rooms I have the 11 inch 218 iPad pro model and use it for a variety of purposes like 1)Note taking with Apple pencil I think this is the most essential feature and I use it the maximum alongside reading books. nHere are a few photos of my notes made on iPad I use Goodnotes 5 for note taking (my handwriting is horrible so please just ignore that) 1)Osteology Thoracic Vertebrae italic Anterior 1 of Norma Basalis italic These osteology notes are so helpful as by attaching the s 2388 1668 I think that was all and to summarise the iPad is a really powerful and handy piece of technology with a lot of potential though I have tried my best but I think I still haven utilised its full potential. I really feel like making a video about myplete workflow with the iPad but I will wait for some more time and try and maximise its usage before diving into making a video. Thanks for reading.
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