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PDF Expert Pro: What You Should Know

How to Create & Edit PDFs on iOS 10 To create and edit PDF files on iOS 10, you first need to have a document viewer app installed like Vision, Apple Documents, Apple Pages or Pages. To edit PDF files on iOS 10: 1. Tap the home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at the bottom of the screen. Click on Photos. Then click on Photos > Gallery. This will give you access to the main Library screen. 2. Drag files to create an image or PDF for the Camera Roll. 3. Press and hold the document or image icon (in the Library) on your home screen to open the corresponding PDF. 4. Once you have selected an icon in your library, you can copy and paste the document. The document will automatically appear in the next document that you open for editing. 5. After you have created PDFs in your Library, you can send PDFs by email or save a PDF. This is achieved from the file menu. If you do not use the file menu, you should open any of the books in the library. Useful Info on iOS 10 iOS 10 is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with version 10.0.3 for iPad and 10.0.3 for iPhone. iPhone' users have two different versions to choose from, with iOS 10.0.3 for iPhone having a larger version and iOS 10.0.2 for iPhone having a smaller, more streamlined version. iOS 10 is an important update for Apple, especially considering the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch, Apple's wearable.


Are there recommendations for handwriting note apps for iPad Pro that support Apple Pencil? I prefer those that aren 19t similar to OneNote or Evernote.
Making your own notes is good on Notability but if you like annotating on slides PDFs or adding lots of pictures and screenshots try GoodNotes. You can add straight lines and record your voice to sync with your handwriting on Notability while GoodNotes is good for searching through your handwritten notes with OCR and they have an iPhone app so you can access your notes wherever you want. I use both so I can refer to my notes on GoodNotes while making new notes on Notability with Split View.
What is the best way to make a digital copy of a book?
*** EDIT CORRECTION I overlooked that the OP had included ament about her specific situation. Thanks to Chris Terry for pointing this out. Making a *personal* copy is legal at least in the U.S. as long as you own the book or other media item. I did assume the OP was asking about a book she doesn own since there are many of these questions on Quora about how to illegally copy something. My mistake and apologies to the OP! And totally ironic too since I frequently get frustrated at questions that don provide necessary details in ament. ud83dude44 *** horizontal-rule Original answer for transparency and however it may be useful The best italic way is to buy italic a digital copy of the book. Stop being a freeloader and honor the fact that books are relatively inexpensive and theyre incredibly inexpensive relative to the value you get. (Since you want to copy this book you clearly see the value in it.) Plus making a digital copy of an entire book is illegal and unethical in any decent country. Respect that the author and publisher put many hundreds of hours into bringing that book to the world and pay them the small amount of money they ask in return. That said if this book doesn exist in digital form here what I suggest Contact the publisher and offer to pay for a digital copy. Ex that youre a big fan of this book you own a print copy and why you like a digital version. They might say no or they might not reply but they might just say yes. You never know. If youre successful then you would have the best digital copy you can get. Otherwise Im not giving any suggestions for copying it yourself because it illegal and disrespectful to my fellow authors and publishers. Would you suggest to me ways to steal your friend car? No? Now you get it. Answered What is the best way to make a digital copy of a book? italic
What tablet should I get only for the purpose of reading and marking PDFs?
In November 214 the best tablet overall is probably the iPad Air 2 ( The iPad Air 2 is the Best Tablet (so far) ) particularly since you're already using Apple products having more improves your experience amongst all of them (though I'm suspect of your having issues interacting with Word on any modern laptop and having needed a MacBook Pro to resolve that). You can find rmendation for PDF annotation apps in iOS here . This one ( The New PDF Expert 5 s ) looks particuarlly nice though I have no experience with it. If you don't want an Apple product the Samsung Note series (1. and 12.x sizes) reviews report choppy performance sometimes so you'll likely get upset with them if your above details above are any indication. Instead consider one of the Google Nexus tablets which have the least volume of extra stuff (less likely to get hung up).
What is the best, iPad Pro or Wacom Intuos with a MacBook Air if I want to take notes on PDFs?
I would go for the iPad Pro and PDF expert or Liq Text app. Although there are many more options in the App Store. PDF Expert is also available on the Macbook so everythings syncs flawlessly Watch this if you want to learn more about PDF Expert and how you can use it even with the Apple Pencil s
What are the must-have iPad apps for productivity?
As a tech startup lawyer on the go I use my iPad constantly for business productivity. This list reflects the document-intensive nature of my work Evernote - note-taking organizational tool and cloud storage for all kinds of documents; cross-platform (iPad iPhone Androidputer) EgretList - handy ingenious to-do list app that runs on top of Evernote TimeMaster - client time tracking and billing Expensify - track business expenses generate expense reports iAnnotate - PDF reading review annotation ReaddleDocs - more document review; both good choices PrintBureau - amazingly versatile app to print wirelessly just about anywhere Penultimate - handwritten notes diagrams Air Sharing - easy file sharing over WiFi Air Display - turns iPad into a wireless external monitor for the Mac; pretty useful if you have an 11 or 13 screen! Bloomberg - financial markets and news Calculator XL - for obvious reasons when a spreadsheet would be overkill Night Stand - turns iPad into a digital alarm clock; one less thing to pack when traveling! FlightTracker Pro - flight tracking with live status updates; syncs with TripIt Flipboard - bestbined reader for Twitter Facebook Google Reader etc. Offline Pages - like it sounds; cache Web pages read them later on the plane without any Internet connection Angry Birds - for when there's not quite enough time to actually be productive!
What are the best free apps for the Apple PenciliPad Pro?
Are you interested in note-taking sketching or drawing? Note-Taking well Apple Notes is free and might be sufficient. Good 3rd party note-taking apps are in the upper price range relatively. Notability s is very good but 199. Sketching Paper s and Tayasui Sketches are both excellent and free(mium). Paper is better for quick sketches while Tayasui offers more tools and layers. Drawing Sorry I can rmend something free here. Procreate totally owns this space. This app is so awesome it single-handedly puts the iPad ahead of anything else. 599 is a steal. Adobe Draw and Sketch are honorable mentions but they are part of Adobe Creative Cloud so they are not technically free.
Does the handwriting recognition on an iPad work well with the Apple Pencil?
Handwriting recognition works well on the iPad Pro. This is the only iPad with which the Apple Pencil works at the moment. However it's the third party apps which are the icing on the cake. PDF expert and Noteability are two of many which I use in a daily baisic. If you're into drawing etc. Procreate Pigment or any of the others are great fun.
Graphics Tablets: What are good ways to annotate PDFs with Wacom Bamboo Pen and Apple OS X?
PDFpen from Smile software ($75) lets you use the pen to annotate but each scribble is a vector object that you can delete or undo and re-draw but not erase bits of. Adobe Acrobat Pro lets you erase bits of what you scribble but it expensive ($12 or $15 to rent). PDF Expert from Readdle also lets you erase bits of what youve drawn and is $6 ($3 for education) licensed for 3 Macs. It was picked as App of the Year by Apple. They have a 7 day trial at s
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