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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing formulate pro for mac catalina
Instructions and Help about formulate pro for mac catalina

Hi there everyone I'm back here with another video and today I'm gonna be showing you guys some of the new photo editing tools within the new Photos app in Mac OS Catalina so there are actually a wide range of new tools that have been added that allowed the Photos app in Mac OS to be a much more powerful editing tool in the fact that it also supports raw photos as well so if you wanted to use this as your full-fledged photo editor you could go ahead and do that but anyway so let's go ahead and jump in here and take a look at some of the things that are now offered so let's go ahead and just open up this photo here of a partial rainbow what you just need to do once you open up the photo is you have these toolbar buttons up top here so you have info share heart rotate so you can actually rotate the photo as well if you want to do that auto enhance so if you click Auto enhance it basically automatically applies several edits to the photo that it thinks that would make the photo look nice me personally I don't really like to do that cuz I'm one I'm someone that likes to have full control over my photo editing and make all of the edits myself manually but this is really great for those that want to quickly just apply an edit or some quick corrections to a photo without having to put too much thought into it so really really nice and you can also click it again to disable it if you don't like what it had done to the photo anyway for this video though we're going to this button up here called edit so once you hit edit it brings you into the completely new editing section so starting up here actually at the top so you have three different tabs you can choose from so you have adjust which is the main tab effectively that gives you all of the primary editing options and then you have filters which are you is to basically just apply a filter over top of the photo so for example say you want vivid warm or something it'll just kind of apply this artificial filter over top of your photo then we have a cropping option so which this isn't really anything new but you can free crop the photo if you want so you can change the aspect ratio to however you want it to be which is kind of nice and then you can also over here on the side bar choose the aspect ratio so you can have a sixteen by nine crop or an eight by ten if you're gonna for example be printing the photo out in an eight by ten print same goes for five by seven four by three all these different image.