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I need to download Java to use "Base" in my installed "Open Office" app, but it needs Java 32 bit, but my Firefox is 64 bit - what should I do?
Install 32 bit Java just because some app on your (presumably windows or MacOS)puter are 64 bit doesn mean you can install 32 bit software. It that simple.
I want to invest in the stock exchange in Pakistan. I have limited knowledge and finances to do so. How long will I be able to be profitable?
You got it all backwards. You only invest in Pakistan if you are already a billionaire and you wish to diverfify your billion into several countries and you pick Pakistan to invest $1 or 1% of your entire wealth for diversification purposes. These stock markets exists almost exclusively for Bill Gates and other billionaires with more than $1 billion. There are only 16 of them in the entire world and they have already too much money invested in the United States of America Canada Mexico Russia China and other countries and they have no other choice besides investing in Pakistan and other small countries. Eventually we will have a stock exchange for the Vatican and a stock exchange for Monaco. After that we are probably going to need a stock exchange for the Moon and anothe stock exchange for Mars and another stock exchange for Elysium. Some countries have several stock exchanges. In the near future you are probably going to see a stock exchange for Puerto Rico the Virgin Islands Guam Alaska and Illinois designed for billionaires interested in the war on poverty. If you are not a millionaire at this point in time then you should not invest in Pakistan. Pakistan is a very poor country and they only have ONE COMPANY in the Forbes 2 Oil & Gas Development on the Forbes Global 2 List I strongly suggest you to open a brokerage account with any online discount broker based in the United States of America and invest your cash in well known and extremely profitablepanies like Apple Google Facebook Amazon Tesla and Microsoft. I don mean by yourself. You need to hire a professional portfolio manager to manage your brokerage account remotely and invest all your cash wisely in the stock markets in the United States of America Canada and Mexico. Manypanies pay dividends each quarter which means you will get your first check within three months. Get back to me after your brokerage account is open and funded and I will point you in the right direction.
Is Linux Mint a better option than Windows 8?
In my opinion Yes but this is a preferential choice. I prefer Linux or any Operating system as opposed to Windows. nLinux has many advantages over Windows in terms of performance etc. However Windows does also have some advantages over Linux; chief among which is excellent driver support. When ites to hardware Windows is king in terms of drumming support. If the operating system does not have the driver built in you can still get the driver easily from the internet. And it will work. nLinux does not have this unfortunately; although it hase along way in getting hardware support easily. nWindows other advantage over Linux is in apps. While are there are alternatives in Linux for the mostmonly used apps sometimes there is really no replacement. In terms of photo editing Adobe Photoshop is still king and MS Office still has some features over Libre Office. Where Linux is better is in the fact that you won need to worry about security. Another factor is that one aputer is setup it really does not need a team of IT professionals to take care of it. A linux network will go on and on without need for any kind of repair reboot or restart. nThe number of times the IT guys in my office have to fix issues with the Windows based servers.. lets just say that they would not have to do with Linux. nLinux will also not slow down as Windows will over time.
Why is my brand new Dell Inspiron 5000 Gaming having computer lag in low CPU performance tasks after downloading Microsoft Office on The Pirate Bay, and not opening the file after receiving a warning from an antivirus?
Oh Man!!! That is really really bad. Take the Inspi to the doc. It may have contracted a deadly form of virus probably unknown to mankind yet. In all probability it will start spreading all over the system and cripple everyponent one-by-one. Never do that again!!! Buy legal software - youll get updates with it and as a bonus you will also get something called as Peace of Mind FREE with it. -SSN