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Why are portable document format (PDF) files so commonly used?
Because there is a business niche that PDF was created to fill 3 years ago that still exists and PDF is now so mature that it is unrivaled bypetitor formats. That niche is serving as a digital printout and a number of bordering uses. PDF main objective is precisely capturing the appearance of any document or output of any application; identically across platforms and immutably if need be. This original application spawned popularity and further feature development for professional printing archival paperless and secure business document workflows forms engineering and multimedia accessibility and many others. PDF was also the first such format adapted for Internet delivery (as was its apanying free viewer software Acrobat Reader). At the end of th 9s Adobe the creator of both worked with Netscape the then browser market challenger and innovator to develop the concept of plugins extending the browser's functionality to enable the seamless progressive display of PDF as it was being downloaded just like HTML pages. The Acrobat plugin was also downloadable for free. At the time there were no other ways to publish universallypatible and pixel-perfect replicas of carefully designed documents (or books and magazines) to the browser. That as well as PDF's adoption by the IRS in the US hugely contributed to the format's ubiquity and popularity.
Do you know about top 5 free SEO tools for 2019?
Top 5 Free SEO Tools for 219 1. SimilarWeb s SimilarWeb is apetitor research and analysis tool you can use to uncover the best SEO and content strategies of yourpetitors discover new opportunities and understand user behavior and intent. 2. Ubersuggest s suggest is a free SEO tool that can help you generate tons of keyword suggestions. Just in your seed keyword into the search box to generate suggestions ranging from head terms to long-tail phrases. You can also filter out negative keywords to make sure youre using the right keywords for your business. 3. Answer the Public Answer the Public is a free tool that generates questions and queries people are searching for in search engines. These questions are mostly extracted from auto suggest results provided by Google and Bing. 4. MozBar extension MozBar is a Chrome extension by Moz that lets you get instant access to SEO insights on websites and search engine result pages (SERPs) without leaving your web browser. Along with various website back metrics you can also see a website domain authority and page authority from this extension. A must-have Chrome extension for all SEOs and content marketers. 5. Broken Link Checker This free WordPress plugin monitors your blog for broken s and notifies you whenever there are broken s or missing s 355 572 Top 5 Paid SEO Tools for 219 1. Ahrefs s Site Explorer See all back profile and organic search traffic data for any website. Keywords Explorer Research site keywords and data like search volume keyword difficulty and clicks. Rank Tracker Track your Google rankings andpare them to yourpetitor website. Site Audit Get a full visual of your website SEO health. 2. SEMrush Track keyword rankings organic traffic and backs. Zero in on yourpetitors data and analyze how to do better. Save your searches in lists and have reports and updates sent to your email. Get a LOT of insights and data at your fingertips. 3. Moz Pro Moz Pro is a suite site of SEO tools that deserves its inclusion on this list. It another all-in-one solution that could potentially save smaller brand budgets (keyword sites audits rank track and on-page optimization). 4. KWFinder KWFinder tool does exactly what it says and does it well to boot. This is a tools simple design and great UX 3 not to mention the accurate keyword data. 5. Searchmetrics Searchmetrics isn just an SEO tools but also a valuable help for your content strategy. ROI reportingpetitive analysis site audits mobile and desktop site optimization content optimization website visibility analysis and more. See All SEO Tools s
What's the best E Ink reader for PDFs?
Perhaps we finally have an E Ink device for reading PDFs that not disappointing. Meet reMarkable s . It has a big and high resolution display 1.3 monochrome digital paper display (no colors) 1872x144 resolution (226 DPI) Partially powered by E-ink Carta technology Multi-point capacitive touch No glass parts virtually unbreakable Paper-like surface friction It seems to have excellent response time with a latency about 5-6 ms (according to the manufacturers this is faster than any other E Ink powered digital paper display in the world) making it suitable for taking notes and making annotations with its own marker. Its marker has the following specs No battery setup or pairing required Special high-friction pen tip Tilt detection 248 levels of pressure sensitivity It also syncs your changes across all devices backing them up in the cloud. Its battery if used 2-3 hours a day is alleged to likely last all week. Last but not least it is thin (177 x 256 x or 6.9 x 1.1 x .26 inches) light (approx. 35 grams or .77 pounds making it lighter than any iPad other than the iPad mini 4) and looks good However it is pricey. Its special pre-order price is currently (as of 3th of March 217) at $429. I would love to get my hands on one but whoever gets one first please report back with your objective assessment. Ive been waiting for something like this ever since the demise of the Kindle DX so Im hoping this device is as good as it looks. Just for the record I am not italic affiliated with thepany that makes it.
How can I get a free Adobe Acrobat serial number?
Quora says 59 people requested an answer to this question so to my surprise it seems this answer isn't obvious after all. I'll give it a shot then. There is no such thing as a free serial number for Adobe Acrobat. It's amercial product that revolutionised the document industry with 3 years worth of intellectual property built into it. Its developers are very talented yet somehow Adobe are surprisingly reluctant to pay their salaries out of sheet admiration. Adobe gave away the free Reader and donated the PDF format to ISO to generate the market for the premium PDF functionality in Acrobat sharing this pie with other talented and hardworking PDF software developers. That's where the generosity ends although the 15 dollars a month subscription is not exactly a rip-off for the unsurpassed PDF powerhouse packing everything there is to be done with the format. If that's too much there are cheaperpetitors but and herees a bonus answer to another question that just won't die free PDF editors with advanced features do not exist because they are also created by humans that have families to feed. Now serial numbers. These are a thing of the past. Adobe doesn't use them anymore except for a couple of exotic scenarios that you'll have to forgive me for skipping. Adobe made themselves so successful in the software world by going all in on subscriptions. You set up an account with them which tracks your entitlements. Naturally you must be online for Acrobat to be able to verify if your account has an active subscription. Or an active 7-day trial that has not expired. So can you get Acrobat for free? Here are your options Find a torrent or a warez download or a 5 dollar DVD that promises unlocked Adobe. Then choose your preferred access option ordered-list Turn yourputer into a cryptocurrency mining station for your free software provider. Nevermind the electricity bills and sluggishputer performance. Blame the latter on the damned greedy Adobe. Install an ingenious little keylogger app that ensures a great user experience while working with your cracked Acrobat. Indeed it very inobtrusively records every keystroke you make paying special attention to entries in form fields titled password and credit card number. No disruptions honestly. No strings attached. Turn your system into a DDoS attack bot. Help the brave pirates show the bad guys (or any guys at all) who's the boss. Encrypt your system for a Bitcoin ransom. A great option for James Bond fans. Vety high-tech too. For best experience skip the backup otherwise there's no sport in this adventure. These and other equally attractive options are sometimes not listed but have no fear they are there. 2. Contests. You can actually participate in the official Adobe events andpetitions. The prize may turn out to be aplementary year of Acrobat Document Cloud or Creative Cloud subscription. No kidding. Bad chances. 3. Be amunity professional. Adobe really value the experts and bloggers who know their products well and share their knowledge with the world. Themunity professional status does indeede with a free subscription so you might want to skill up. Except that once you do you'll probably be making enough money to start really doubting if saving 15 dollars a month is actually worth dedicating dozens of hours to prepare decent write-ups and making videos I hope this answers this question at last.
What are your success stories in cracking bank PO exams?
Greetings everyone ! My name is Abhishek italic Mishra italic . I am from Lakhimpur kheri italic Uttar Pradesh. I havepleted my graduation . Honour's in physics italic from kirorimal italic college italic Delhi university in may 218. Recently the final results of ibps po italic 218 were announced and I have been alloted first preference of mine Punjab National Bank. italic Havingpleted my graduationI came back to home and started preparing for ibps po as I knew my parents' unconditional love and support would help me prepare better for the examination and I could clear it in my first attempt at the age of 2. Exams in which I have appeared are -nu25cf Ibps PO (selected in PNB)nu25cf Ibps Clerk (selected in BOB)nu25cf Indian Bank po pgdbfnu25cf Cat percentile IIM indore pgp interview (result awaited) u25c6 Preparation journey italic - I believe Everyone has a story and every story is inspiring. italic So I will tell you everything whatever I have done from the beginningyou need to choose and plan accordingly because what worked for me may or may not suit you you have toe up with your own plan. Coming back to home I have researched all about the exam pattern and process drawn the conclusion that I need to focus exclusively on the mains exam preparation part because it will help me clearing prelims too. For prelims time management and speed italic is most important thing that wille by practice. 2 days before the prelims exam I have started attempting 1 mock daily and analysed after onwards.I have focused extensively on mains from the start reason being mains marks would only get me selection prelims is just qualifying in nature. For mains accuracy and choosing the right set of questions italic is very important. I've attempted 1 mock and analyzed it 2 days because most of the learning for mains exames from analysing mocks. I'll try to ex what I did for individual sections- u25cf Data analysis and interpretation- italic Seeing the last year exam analysis I have found that most of the di and data sufficiency questions italic e from percentageprofit loss and discounttime work time speed distance etc. italic So I cleared my basics from rakesh yadav class notes and rs agarwal italic I've tried not to use much shortcuts because in exam that doesn't work and this year's mains paper confirms that one should try to use fundamental method to get the question the basics were done I have just relied on mocks heavily oliveboard's mains mocks italic questions were a notch higher than the actual ones that helps you maintain your calmness during a tough exam. When you attempt a mock setting the exam environment before the actual one italic then only you'll be able to find your strong area as I've found out if any di questiones from boat and stream loss I can do that. So accordingly you have to find your own strong area. u25cf Reasoning andputer aptitude italic - I have studied topics like syllogism and inequality from some online sources (useful only for prelims) but mains paperprises mostly puzzles and seating arrangement input -output and critical reasoning questions italic . I have just utilized ob mocks and tried to solve every question on my own then looked for the solution so that I can have a general idea about my strong zone .In most of the mocks I've attempted all the Critical reasoning questions circular seating matrix based italic and never attempted input output question similarly you should plan which to choose u25cf English language italic - Although I have done the grammar part(from Wren and Martin) it's not much useful for the mains exam perspective because readingprehension dominates this section italic .I was not an avid reader of newspaper so I just attempted and analysed mocks and learnt from my mistakesnoted them down so I don't repeat them in final exam. In last months I started reading economist articles that were really useful. My approach in this section was to readprehend ~infer italic that worked for me. u25cf General awareness italic - This section consists of banking part current affairs and static few exam papers I have got to know that most of the questionse from current events related to banking and economy. italic 1) Current affairs italic -I have followed gktoday for day to day updates from june and made my handwritten notes of mothly revision I found oliveboard bolt really good and revised my notes one week before the mains.I think one should try to cover current atleast from april and important updates of budget and economic survey as 2 to 3 questions are asked from it . 2) Banking awareness italic -I have done this part fron olivevoard's banking and economy pdf they have exed in such a elaborate manner that it helped in mains as well as interview. 3) Static awareness italic - Although I have made notes of all the national parks biosphere reserveclassical dance forms etc. from affairs cloud pdf the cost benifit ratio is very low in this part so if you have less time you can skip it. u25cf Descreptive english italic - In this section format of essay and letter is most importantI had referred to the ob descreptive pdf. Once I was acqintend with the pattern I have prepared about the topics related to banking and economy like npa problemmerger of banksrbi section 7 etc italic .for essay and letters to editor bank manager about emi has a really good platform for the practice of descreptive test and provides feedback about your writing. u25c6 Interview(final stage) italic - Once I was done with the mains exam I started preparing for the interview and this was the stage I enjoyed preparing the most because whatever you have learned you have to apply and interpret hereI have divided my preparation into parts- information(like hobbies strength banking etc). based(just basics of physics). and Economy( Monetary policy financial inclusionctsnegotiable instruments etc.)n and economic survey(recapitalization of psbsnpa issue etc.)n events (related to banking economy) For banking and economy part I have followed mrunal's videos they were really helpfulmade me able to expalin in a simple manner. I'll share my interview transcript shortly. Finally when I am writing this I am feeling extremely joyous because it feels amazing from reading someone else's story to writing your own. Seeing the smile on your parents'face and all the near and dear one's wishes make you feel blessed italic . italic There are many ups and downs in every aspirant's journey sometimes you will think whether you are going to get it or only motivational lines that I had with me during the journey of preparationwere by Steve jobs speech at stanford- You can only connect the dots by looking backward not by looking forward. italic He says what ever actions you are going to take today if they may have any adverse impact on tomorrow you'll never take those actions. So take those actions which make you think the efforts that you have put were the best that led you to the success of today.n I italic feel the best step I had taken was attempting and analysing all the mock tests passionately that led me to the day of mine 1st april 219.I wish you too the best wishes from my sidemake yourself and your parents proud all the very best. italic
What are your "must have" programs on your computer?
Here they are Programs on my PC at home Office suit . This is must have program because sometimes I brought my works home and that why I need office suit. Smadav anti-virus . Not the most advanced anti-software in the world but it has protected my PC from malwares viruses for years. Jnes and Nestopia emulators . I love nes games and those emulators enable me to play retro nes games again. KMP player. My multimedia player whenever I want to watch downloaded movies or music videos. Ultra ISO . I use this to replace Virtual CD software. Years ago you could not play PC game if you didn insert the CD into DVD or CD room drive. Some games came up with cracks but some games didn. Adobe Photoshop . This is must have. Those twelve programs are mandatory for me while others I will only install them whenever I need them only. Programs on my PC at office RKAKL Software . This is specific financial software locally developed and used by government institutions in Indonesia. Budget details for the next year and revision of budget is made by using this this application. However this application is not ed to the world web for security reason. Data transfer which contains information about budget for next year revision or budget reduction is conducted manually to ensure security. PDF Split and Merge . I often edit PDF files and this tool reallyes handy. Office suit . What can I do without this at office ? 7 Zip . The best filepressor for me. ordered-list That all folks !
Would you tell me the advantages of Windows phone over Android and iPhone?
The business of smartphones is not selling little small boxes to make phone calls that is no longer the case. Smartphones are all about an ecosystem. The Android ecosystem or the iPhone ecosystem. Smartphone ecosystems imply all the tools for developers to create apps to do an infinite number on things with your smartphone and its features and also all the devices that you may connect your phone to or to your phone that is an ecosystem. The Windows phone concept was not succesfull in creating a large enough ecosystem to create a real market penetration therefore Windows phones in the global scale of the smartphone market are pretty much inexistant. Nowadays the most important factor would be market. Android is the market leader worldwide in smartphones iPhone the second one. If you buy a smartphone you want it to be able to do lots of things that implies apps lots of them. That is today the advantage of Android (and iPhone) over Windows Phones. Some of the hardware of some Windows Phones was actually cool. It just a pity they got Windows Phone operating system.