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Would you like to say something to all those protesting against NRC+CAA?
One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws . - Martin Luther King Jr. Since the last few days nation-wide protests are going on against a new act introduced by the government. I tried to ignore the news of the protests initially but I failed as they were omnipresent. All the news channels newspapers online news portals and social media were focused only on the protests. I found that the students the learned the intellectuals 3 they were all protesting for the cause. One day while discussing the national issue and the protests I took an audacious step 3 I simply exited from one of my core WhatsApp groups. No it was not to show solidarity to the actual protesters. It was my protest on the discussions on protests which by now had exhausted me. And it worked. Yes it worked for two hours. My friends did not discuss the protests on the WhatsApp group thereafter. They started sending me protests news and articles s to me directly. So there was no way for me to stay away from the news and the discussions about the protests. But Iprehended that protests are quite in-things in today time. I studied a lot worked hard played various sports did many things all these years but my parents did not get the happiness of watching me on the TV like my brothers and sisters who were part of the protests. In hindsight I missed something vital as I did not participate and conduct any sort of protests for any of the things. No it not FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out but it WIHP. Wish I Had Protested. Let me ex. I remember once I got 56 marks in class 9 science paper. WIHS. Wish I Had Studied 3 that was what I thought that time but now if I look back I feel WIHP. If I had protested that time and told the school principal that my science teacher did not teach us the last two chapters because she did not have her concepts clear maybe not for that paper but in next exams I would have got better numbers under a new science teacher. Friends I never protested when a bus conductor refused to provide tickets unless I provide exact fare or change. Also I did not protest when Pune auto-rickshaw driver (not less than a pilot by any means) demanded unjust return-charges or when I received toffees in lieu of cash or coins at cafeterias or general shops. All these years I was not a mute spectator but I just presumed that how it works that how the system functions and who am I to change the system? The recent chain of events forced me to think hard should I really have protested or at least spoken-up when needed? While looking for the answer my memory served me with the following incident on my plate of introspection The incident during my college days left a huge impact on me. It was a routine day at college and I and my friends had some free time during which we were enjoying tea and snacks at a roadside stall. One of our classmates 3 Lokesh came in. He had a problem with his speech so he always stumbled while speaking. As Lokesh placed orders for some snacks for him and his friend Neha he stammered as usual. One of my friends captured it and he started making fun of him and mimicked him. It made Lokesh feel uneasy as he started walking away. But my friend again passed a few morements about him and Neha which offended Lokesh deeply. In reply he could not utter a word even though he was trying hard to do so. WIHP my friend for his behaviour. Somehow I did not speak up then. Lokesh just walked away but while leaving he looked back once. His dejected expressions crushed my soul but none of my actions then would reverse the damage which was already done. WIHP. Wish I Had protested earlier and told my friend to shut up. Had I done that I could have avoided the burden of living with Lokesh disparaged looks for the lifetime. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented. 5 Elie Wiesel (Romania-born American Writer and Nobel Laureate. But in order to take sides we must first know what is just and what is not and is there a valid reason to protest? Because there is nothing like ultimate truth what matters the most is the inner voice the conscience. In today time the truth and just cannot be easily classified more because of the state of the media and the social media which is messed-up right now. We must apply our education and learnings and logicallye to the conclusion of what is just and what is not and hence which incidents need protests also whether to support a protest or give it the cold shoulder. The problem however is that the learnings and upbringings vary immensely 3 and so are the parameters that decide what is just and what is not. We don have one magical scale which can measure the absolute correctness of such parameters. Bearing in mind the two possibilities What if I am right and do not protest and 3 we must select either (1) to protest or (2) to opt-out - without hurting anyone verbally or physically. I am not saying this to save the oppressor but for the sake of our conscience because if you are wrong and fall into (1) or (2) instead of oppressed you turn into an oppressor which I am sure you don want. Also WIHP 3 Wish Why I had protested is equally if not more important than the protests. Speak up timely protest wisely but do not hurt anyone and never forget the reason for which you are putting up a fight.
How soon after a venture fails should you get back on the horse?
I'm amazed we don't talk about failure in the startupmunity more often. I'm even more amazed at ourplicit and unstated tendency to 'ghost' otherwise talented founders whose startups fail when we should reach out and recycle that talent back into the ecosystem. Failure breeds unpleasant but invaluable learning which can be used for the benefit of the founder AND her next team and project. When are you ready again? * 1 week after you're no longer waking up to a whisky breakfast. n* 2 weeks after you begin showering regularly. n* 3 weeks after you're regularly emerging from whatever cave you've crawled into be it yours a significant others your family abode or a vacation spot. n* 4 weeks after you're not obsessively playing WoW coding nonsense or wasting your time writing long emotional missives on Quora (whoops). Just kidding. Sort of. I wish it was as easy to delineate a 'standard' recovery time and process but I have a feeling it's often different for each of us. The only thing I can provide that might be of some value then is what it was like for me and what I did to stay afloat. In all seriousness it took me about a quarter to semi-recover from a failure and the scars are permanent. At 2 months out I was still sort of a wounded pigeon (to borrow terminology from Alex Moore). How I recovered 1. Let myself wallow for about 3 bad weeks. I don't want to describe behaviors during that time in specifics but if you go off the deep end know you can recover. Lots of tough phone calls to family. As an introvert I didn't talk to many friends or associates but if you're an extrovert you may substitute that here. 2. Clear the deck. No meetings. No calls. Essential responsible contacts only like those with investors etc and I tried to stick to the limit of 1 importantmunication per day. Shockingly lowpared to pre-failure volume but this is survival level stuff. Worry about thriving after you make it through the critical period. I cleared the calendarpletely for 8 weeks including some big engagements like conferences where I would have been surrounded by friends and could have potentially have carried off a 'nothing is wrong' act but I didn't want to do that. It was a personal choice and it can be argued this was perhaps the wrong one professionally. 3. Hygiene. It works. Take care of yourself. Keep it clean. 4. Analyze and record your self-defeating loops. Then pick 1 or 2 a day to break. I found upon waking that an immediate run with my new dog followed by coffee situps pushups and 2 hours of reading a brain candy book unrelated to work (I covered a lot of ground on genomics and epidemiology) stopped me from many destructive behaviors like staying in bed. I went drastically aggressive on my own routine to pull myself out of the hole. I got a dog and went for 3 daily runs and limited work time to about 4 hours a day in 2 hour chunks (1 morning 1 night). I hyper-routinized my schedule in order to fill as many spaces as I could and balked at self-reflection until thinking why did... or what if... no longer hurt. I cooked all my own food tried not to use my car (walk to Trader Joes run to dogpark etc) and reverted to a Paleo-ish sort of diet. I slept 8-12 hours per 24 versus the -6 I'd obtained through the year prior. I got a tan since I was spending 1.5 hours outside at the dogpark. I noticed things like hummingbirds again caught up with popular music on iTunes and the radio held doors for people and became a generally much more 'average' and pleasant human being. Distraction works. That kept me going during the day. During the night I tried not to go out and gradually spent increasing amounts of time on self reflection. I lit candles in my loft played classical music and contemplated my options which seemed counter-intuitively near-limitless. This still feels frightening. When you're in the startup go mode there usually seems to be a clear 'best' option that you drive towards full speed ahead (even if this is the *wrong* option). You're analyzing every life decision macro + micro through the lens of your startup (eat now? drink water? spend more time coding This always gives you a 'something' to do rather than a whole basket of 'somethings' from which to choose. Not having a startup going full speed ahead all of a sudden meant I had nothing but choices. When I started to evaluate the choices realistically and in a timeline oriented way (do this and have resources for 3 mos do this to have 'salary' but have to move within 6 months etc) I knew I was ready for the next phase of self-examination. I asked myself if I could realistically stomach going to work on something else for someone else and the answer was often no even when I was considering some very tasty offers. That questioning led to Realization 1 namely you're not necessarily ready tomorrow but you might have it in you to do this again. I was stillmitted to the idealistic drive to solve a problem (consumer-centric health innovation or the lack thereof) that led to startup life in the first place. A desk job elsewhere even one in my field with a juicy salary and position power wouldn't cut it. Next step Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question (stop immediately if you begin crying or cursing at the mere act of looking at the glass)... Can you contemplate doing 'this' (whereby 'this' refers to amount of effort and risk rather than the exact same startup concept all over) again without wincing or doing something self-destructive? Here's Realization 2 and getting there involves a clear believable Yes't let yourself hedge on the answer. Now let's look at whether or not you want to work on a startup in the same sector. Only the craziest most masochistic founders answer in the affirmative here but these are also I've found the ones who are unlikely to give up or stop trying. Do you actually think you can take what you learned by failing and apply it to making the same thing better? Are you thinking through all the reasons why you shouldn't? But can't stop thinking about it anyway? Realization 3. Now you're almost ready or at least ready to consider another startup as a realistic option for you. May the force be with you if you are still obsessed with your original concept It's gonna be a rough road. Realization 4 for me was examining whether or not I wanted to go work at someone else's startup as a cofounder or early employee or whether I needed to stick it out with social health (the sector in which I started). I answered the latter. Here was a good sign that I was ready to start exploring startup life in general again... After a particularly low 8 weeks I found I was beginning to look at social networks like Twitter and Facebook again although with nowhere near the frequency I did pre-failure (we're talking 1-3x versus 3+ logins prior). The final test was talking to mentors and VCs about whether or not I was still obsessed with the larger problem (not product) that led me to do a startup in the first place. If the answer is affirmative you're ready but do yourself a favor and go gently. I found easing back into a work schedule with brief constrained periods interrupted by mindless activity like indulging a Top Chef addiction via iTunes helped immeasurably without sending me into a tailspin of remorse guilt and self-doubt. Catharsis and paying it forward - ie helping others learn from your failure - is the last step in a healthy process of healing. Let them know you survived and they can too. Writing a Quora post on how to survive failure is a good place to start real recovery.
What are the different features of any hotel management software?
Features of Hotel Management System n Reservations and Front Desk Support italic It is easier these days to check in and checkout of the hotels because of the software giving a quick ge to the room availability and other details related to charges. Also the general details about the hotel facilities can be got in a jiffy. Payment Gateway italic Hotel software helps the managers to accept payment of the customers via credit cards. This is automatically updated to their financial database also as well as the guest information. Gift coupons italic Customers can redeem their gift coupons easily without the problem of tallying the expenses. The hospitality management software immediately recognizes the value of the coupons and makes the adjustments accordingly. The software also helps in making gift coupons for valued clients Employee Details italic Once the details of the employees are fed in the software it can be useful for several purposes. The manager can assign duties according to the list they can inter change the duties when required and even get the contact details of the employee(s) in case of emergency. The hotel software also helps in making employee identification cards. Manager Details italic As in case of the employees even the details of the managers are updated. The managers are also issued their identification card. Salary italic The salary of the employees can be checked and even updated from time to time. Receipts of salary payments are also got from the software. Retail Support italic Certain hotels also need retail inventories for keeping an inventory on their housekeeping and food items list. Most hotel software has an integrated retail inventory that makes the hotel management system process much easier. Restaurant italic Hotels that have their own restaurant need the restaurant details specifically. This involves invoices and billings and even inventory listing. Software that has this separate area within their software package can immensely benefit the hotels. Accounts invoices and reports italic Hotels generate bills and invoices that have many details attached to it. The hotel software that keeps a check on the guests usage of facilities andbines it into the invoice bes ideal. Also if the software helps in the financial aspects of the hotels makes it a boon for the hotel managers. Time keeping italic The hotel management software thatbines housekeeping and time keeping ensuring that the services are provided to the guests in an orderly fashion helps the manager to keep the efforts of the hotel streamlined in the right direction.n n Key features of Hotel Management Software n Front officen House Keeping Laundry Management Accounts and finance CRM Inventory Management Point of Sale | Invoicing Maintenance Management and administration Banquet & Conferencing Database Backup HR Sales and Marketing Property Management Food and Beverage Costing Multi Property Support Reporting Reservation & Booking Messaging System
What made you upset today?
So many things. Among all those one particular thing was about a Engagement ring (ER). Look at this ring. Or THIS Or this Theyre beautiful rings right ? NOOOOO. You know what they are apparently ? Theyre indication that your boyfriend who asked you to marry you is cheap. Yes CHEAP . And youre an adult sorry I correct the phrase - youre sensitive a** adult if you defend your bf. That what I witnessed in a Facebook page and guess what that pages name was ring praising There is another group called ring shaming which Im not part of because I don like to be nasty and honestly I don like negativity in my life so I try to steer clear of such people and pages. But this was praising group and I am new there. I thought it where womene together and praise how beautiful their rings are and give and take suggestions and opinions about bands cleaning and caring rings and stuff like that but omg that place is a woman hell. For a certain post I would most definitely cry and ruin my whole day over a bunch of strangers opinion on my ring had it been my ring posted by me in that page. People started calling it names and also questioned how much did her boyfriend really loved her if he got her a cluster diamond. And many even defended thementer lady saying that you shouldnt be in the group if you can take the shaming when the lady who posted the ring asked to be nice. oh did I mention that is not even the shaming group?? Oh yeah right I have like 1 times already now!! I mean how can people be not only so rude and insensitive but also butt up in other people bf love? Some people don care about the diamonds like me I don care if my man gives me a cluster or quad or big 4carat rock or a stainless steel band I will love him just the same. I will know that the ring would not mean a shit. The only reason I want a ring is because Im very girly and I like my jewellery if not I wouldnt even want a ring to know that my man wants to marry me. ( although my bf did ask me without a ring I did say yes) When did we be so occupied in this money involvedmodity so much that we are okay insulting others over their choice of not getting involved in this stupid make believe luxury? Diamonds aren even so rare. Theyre not precious. I couldn stop myself and went it and defended the ring and the lady and her boyfriend. I said all those are just styles not everyone wants a huge rock and most of all some of us think that it waste of investment. We rather have that money spent on other needed stuff than on a ring that no one really cares. But I was proven wrong by these lovely ladies. Apparently people find it cheap and also many of the receptionists are now wearing cluster rings so it definitely is cheap of boyfriends to propose their women with such ring. (Seriously WHAT!?!?!?!?!) And you know what BRENDA? When I look at your big rock I don see love I see a gold digging woman obsessed with money putting materialistic needs above love and affection along with child slavery much low paid wages smuggling and blood. Im sorry if this feeling like venting .This made me upset today. Very upset.
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