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I am going to show you how to sign up for free to use a PDF Editor that allows you to type directly onto the PDF files that we have uploaded onto our Google classroom so what you want to do is you want to first go to this website lumen PDF comm and then we want to click sign up for free this is very important that you click sign up for free so go ahead and do that when you click on the blue button it says sign up for free it will bring you to this page we want to click sign up with Google when you click sign up with Google this is where you will put your username your Kiske email address your first name your last name at Kiski area comm and then you'll put your password and it will sign you right in once you're signed in to your account it will bring you up to this main page and that's where your documents will be uploaded so once you get to this point you want to go back to the Google classroom and we will upload our assignments from there once you are back to the Google classroom you want to look under the classwork tab and you will scroll down to one of the assignments so I'm just going to choose math so I will click on the PDF for today and up here in the right-hand corner there's three little dots that say more actions you want to click on that and you want to open in a new window your worksheets or your PDF file will open up in a new window and up here in the middle there is a box it says open with with a drop-down arrow so we want to click the drop down arrow and we want to choose our PDF website that we signed up for so you'll just click on that once you click on open with the PDF file it will upload your PDF file your worksheets it's either a math worksheet or a reading worksheet it'll upload right into our account here and up here at the top we have our tool boxes Toolbar and it gives us different options that we can use there are text tools there's free text and then there's free hand where you can write with your mouse now you can use the free text and if you click the drop down arrow by the capital T it'll give you the options of choosing your text color I'll choose red and then it automatically defaulted nine point which is a tad too small so if we just move that up a little bit it'll make the text a little larger so we click back on the T and it'll turn our mouse into a plus sign we can take this plus sign and we can click it right above the line and.