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So I've been looking at the comment section and a lot of people have been asking for a slide comparison video so I wanted to give you guys my comparison thoughts on eight different slides on the open market right now and let you guys know which ones are the most comfortable and the least comfortable in my opinion what is going on guys TAS here Collective kicks comm if you guys would like to shop this week's top sneaker deals that I curate for you guys check the link in the description and happy shopping as well as if you guys actually want to buy any of these slides out on the table I will try to link all of them in order in the description as well but basically I wanted to break it down and go from least comfortable to most comfortable but I really just wanted to make this video to let you guys know what I personally prefer on my feet for the slide we collectively have a lot of sneakers out there and obviously you don't wear sneakers 24/7 so I figured I'd show you guys easy ones but if you guys have suggestions for other slides that I'm not showing you guys in this video leave a comment and let me know in the comment section what slides am I missing and then I can maybe do a full top 10 because I only have 8 pairs here for this video and then maybe I'll do a top 10 in the future but yeah hopefully leave those comments and let's go ahead and get into the video I'll start off with my least comfortable and then work our way up to the most comfortable alright so a quick breakdown of the least favourite to the most favorite out of all eight sandals that I tried the sandal boys joints on the bottom of the barrel for myself unfortunately love the concept behind what they're doing but just comfort wise it's not it I got these from complex con a couple years ago shot of differente lations when he was with Santa boys that was the only reason why I bought these though friendly shion's is the homie and like I got these cuz of Fran but this company without friend like I haven't had any interest in these slides the foundation of the slides inside and out just feel like a really cheap hard plastic it was actually one of the things I was the most surprised about with these sandals they're just not very amazing quality especially when these are the most expensive ones on the entire table that means that you're buying hype more or less with these because they have limited quick strikes next in line with that are the EZ joints these are not comfortable at all for me if I got a larger size they'd probably be better but the section atop the cross just.