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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing how to open google sheets on iphone
Instructions and Help about how to open google sheets on iphone

You're going to begin through your lab analyses on Google sheets or you could do them on Excel the sheets is convenient because you could use it at school then your files also linked up online so instead of writing out your pencil and paper set the axes draw the best-fit line or curve we're going to start to use this method you will see there certain things that allows you to do that are nice so open up your Google sheets I asked you to download and hit that plus circle down on the bottom new spreadsheet and you can title it L 2.3 zamboni Excel narration so I'm going to look at the acceleration of the Zamboni that we had in the hallway hit create and here we go so you have what looks like some sort of new spreadsheet now there's a video that you either have already or will look at in class and in that video we did frame by frame analysis so even if you didn't get to see that video still follow what you're doing here so in box a1 we're gonna set up the heading the first heading for our table in this box we're gonna put what we pulled directly off the video and that is the frame number so you'll write the title frame and b1 we're going to do something called adjusted frame and we'll get to that and c1 so you can move left and right just use your finger right on the screen and c1 you will put time and then parenthesis seconds and then in d1 you will enter distance now just in case you haven't noticed each time I'm finished typing there's a check that mid screen off to the right I'm about to click it and you are done then with that cell so we scroll back and also if you haven't noticed when you click in a box down at the bottom of the screen you see FX that's like the function notation from math class you click in that open bar down there where it says enter text or formula and then your keypad pops up and you can type whatever you need to type when you're done you can either touch back and actually touch on that check there you go okay so we have 4 columns we have frame adjusted frame time in seconds and distance in meters so under frame if you did this already here in school we had a couple classes that did do it they didn't exactly agree on the frame number but that's okay so you're gonna enter the numbers as I do in that box a 2 we count it from the video the first frame we used was 1225 and we'll explain that in class why it's starting in 1225 as opposed to 0 basically that's because we started recording the video before the action that we cared about which.


Can Google Sheets created in a desktop PC be opened in an iPhone?
Yes Why not? If you have created A google sheet on PC you just need to download Google Sheets Application and use it on your phone. create and edit spreadsheets online for free. s To learn more about how to use it on iPhone and iPad go on this How to use Google Sheets s Although Google Sheets for iPhone and iPad sucks. Google Sheets is Google's latest attempt at letting you access their online spreadsheets app on your iPhone or Google Sheet as currently implemented isn't as good as either Microsoft's or Apple's app. I don't have an iphone but I read this warning somewhere Note This(google sheet) is only available if you have 3D Touch on your iPhone (iPhone 6s+ or newer). The good about Google on iPhone Same sharing and collaboration tools that Google Docs on the web uses The bad about it No support for folders wtf Google? Very limited formatting options No chart or graph support Zero image import utility s s
How can you search all sheets in a workbook using Google Sheets in iOS?
You can create view and edit Google spreadsheets as well as Microsoft Exceluae files with the Google Sheets app s for iPhone and iPad. Here are some things to help you use the Google Sheets app Step 1 Download the Google Sheets app Open Google Sheets on the App Store s . Step 2 Create or edit a spreadsheet View and create spreadsheets s Edit spreadsheets s Work with different file formats Use quick actions on iPhones with 3D touch Step 3 Share & work with others You can share files and folders s with people and choose whether they can view edit orment on them