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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing libreoffice for mac review
Instructions and Help about libreoffice for mac review

Today we're going over Libre Office now anybody has followed the channel for any period of time knows I haven't exactly been a big fan of LibreOffice and it's just not fair to them because well I basically open it up looked at it try to do a couple things then I was just like oh it's not worth it and I would just close it or sometimes I just do like a basic text document and then it would just be for me but any time you've used it extensively its stock features and its stock settings aren't exactly conducive in a world that is let's be frank here owned by Microsoft Office if you're in business or you're sending things or collaborating with someone they're gonna be using Microsoft Office nine times out of ten or probably ninety-nine times out of a hundred I should say and we need to change some settings in libreoffice to really make it functional also just for familiarity purposes I needed to change some of its display settings because it's display settings why aren't necessarily bad they're just very foreign out of the box when you're coming from Microsoft Office so with all that this video we're taking LibreOffice and we're gonna go ahead install it customize it and some windows esque features as far as fonts and other things that people on Windows will need to see your documents and then also change the actual display properties of LibreOffice to just be a bit more familiar for us so with all that said that's what this video is about and we're gonna go ahead and jump into the desktop and check this out Music okay so we're gonna start by installing Libre Office I'm gonna be using flat pack and I like flat pack the best out of you know snaps because I've gone over that and like my bunt a video and also I think flat pack just universally I enjoy it a little bit better because of the search ability and the install process it's just just so darn clean and that's why I'd use this method now if you're on on my Debian machine inside I tried to do apt install LibreOffice and I was having some quirky things happen as far as like the launcher getting stuck and some other stuff and my arch based machine when I had directly installed it I didn't have any issues so it mileage will vary but I wanted to do flat pack install because no matter what Linux distribution you're on this is gonna work and it's probably gonna be the most stable as far as all of them because all the dependencies and things that libreoffice relies on is baked in so to do this obviously install flat pack you know whatever package manager flat pack install that you need to do and then we just simply do a flat pack search Libre Office so with.