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Print Html To PDF Javascript: What You Should Know

HTML2PDF: a JavaScript library for converting HTML pages to PDFs using html2canvas — Wikipedia The library uses the Canvas API for canvas objects but also includes functions that work with other canvas-like APIs like WebGL, WebP, and SVG. The library has no API to render HTML with graphics. Pdf-to-html — Profit A library that converts document to a PDF and then to HTML (using HTML5) — Profit Like the above library, pdf-to-html takes advantage of HTML5 document objects to provide the functionality. The difference is that pdf-to-html provides function to add new pages, add styles and headers, and update the document, without using the canvas API. Html2print: a JavaScript library for printing from HTML to HTML5 — GitHub An all-in-one solution for creating PDF files from HTML: The html2print library includes a number of functions that can be used to extract markup from web pages and convert the raw text into an efficient PDF. The library has no API to render HTML with graphics. Html2pdf: an all-in-one solution for converting HTML to PDF — GitHub The html2pdf library is essentially a JavaScript implementation of html2canvas. The library has several advantages over the html2canvas library. First, it is a client-side library which can be used on both desktop browsers and mobile browsers, such as Android and iOS. The second thing that makes this library so useful is that the library uses the HTML5 document object model to generate the HTML5 document with graphics, instead of using the canvas API for drawing. Pdf-to-html: a library used to print from HTML to PDF — GitHub The library uses the Canvas API for Canvas objects.

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