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Google Doc To Google Slides: What You Should Know

File Manager, look for the project folder and click Create Project. · You are now ready to start adding slides and adding Slide-ins to add to your presentation. Click Add Slides to select all the slides. · Select the files you want to slide over from the right-hand side. · Click Edit to edit these slides and add more. Once your presentation is complete, you can share in either YouTube or other social networks.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing google doc to google slides


Which is better to create a book, Google Docs or Google Slides?
I will rmend for Google docs.
How does Google Docs compare to Microsoft Office Suite?
Not sure about taking over Microsoft Office. Speaking from personal experience as a Google Docs Docs has the followingn1. Docs - This is the Word equivalent. Relatively easy to use love the Table of Contents feature and Research i.e. ing to other Docs and online content. Recent version features a very handy outline and integration with Google Keep i.e. can view and copy content. This is very useful as I use Google Keep to take . Sheets - This the Excel equivalent. Features VLookup Pivots Sorting Conditional Formatting and many of the functions i.e. IF SUMIF COUNTIF etc. From my experience it can do most things. However formatting is not as refined as Excel.. Slides - This is the Powerpoint equivalent. Really like the YouTube integration. This enables sound and video. The ing function is very intuitive i.e. to other slides online content etc. Probably easier than . Drawing - As the name suggests one can draw create org charts insert and crop etc. Very useful. These can then be inserted into Google Docs if . Forms - This is very good for collecting data i.e. feedback and sign ups. I've used this to facilitate feedback and event sign ups. Output can go into Sheets for analysis database . File Sharing - Google Docs makes it easy to share. One has the option to allow others to view suggest (equivalent to tracked on Word) or edit. There are even options that limit resharing and downloading. Note that if one is determine to copy there are always ways to do so i.e. be careful with . Collaboration - Personally I've found this to be fascinating and very useful. E.g. Before any meeting I create a document for minutes. While I'm talking someone else takes over minute taking on the same document. This is done real time. I cam takeover when done talking. This saves lots of time and minutes can be send out soon after the . Recovery - Another fantastic feature. One can revert back to an older version of the document if mistakes are made. It's also possible view what changes are made by others. Personally this had saved me much work and heartache. Probably one of the best features in my opinion. 9. Unlimited Storage - If one stores a document in native Google Docs i.e. Docs Sheets Slides Drawing Forms. It will NOT count towards the 15GB storage. So far I have nearly a thousand documents and use Zero storage! To be fair the functions are there but as rightly pointed out it's not as refined as MS Office. Then again it's free and available anywhere. Personally it's my preferred solution. Check it out for yourself and give it a fair go. There are also helpful user groups in Google Plus with many helpful my 2 cents -)
Which is better Google Products (i.e Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets) or Microsoft Products (i.e Word, PowerPoint, Excel)?
The short answer is Microsoft offers more features (which you might not need) and with Google realtime cooperation with others is easier. Some additional consideratios G Suite is free for consumers. You can run G Suite on any device with a browser or on Android or iOS and it works also very well on Chrome OS. This OS is safer faster and more affordable than Windows devices and has a very simple UI.
Does Google SlidesGoogle Docs need a flash drive, or is it optional?
The beauty of Google Drive is that your files live on the cloud. This means it is secure. In the event of device loss you can still access it. Other benefit is that when sharing files you do not need to use a flash drive. This means less exposure to viruses malware etc. You have three sharing optionsn1. Full editing rightsn2. Suggesting (equivalent of tracked changes). View only In the event you are not connected the internet and using a Chromebook your Google Drive files are available offline. You can make edits as needed. The file will resync when you are reconnected to the internet. Google Drive is a better way -)
Why don't people stop using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and change to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?
Ive been an Excel user for many decades because it seamlessly works well with other software. I am a statistician who uses R for statistical analysis work. Getting data into R is easy since there are many R packages which can import the data into R from Excel. I suspect the main reason why people do not switch to the Google alternative is that Excel is the dominant spreadsheet program. That alone makes people hesitant to switch over. Hope this helps!
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