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Can I Print A Non Editable PDF File?

The file is restricted and could be password protected so you will need the password to remove the restrictions using an unlocker tool. You can do this using DeftPDF’s unlock tool. Follow these instructions first before printing. Step one. Go to and click “unlock” from the tools Step two. Upload your PDF file and encode your password to be able to open it Step three. Click convert and unlock to permanently remove the password Step four. Download the file and save for free Once you’re done with this, you can now print your PDF. If however, you don’t have the password with you (perhaps forgotten or lost) then another option is to use Google Drive. Step one. Upload your PDF to Google Drive Step two. Click the gear icon on the top right of the Google Drive screen that will lead you to the settings and tick the box indicating “convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” then click done. This will convert your PDF to open online via Google Docs. Step three. Right-click on the PDF document, click “Open With” and select “Google Docs.” When you do this process, the password won’t be necessary to break into the document and open it but remember that the PDF will not be following the same format and layout anymore since Google converted it into their online format. There might be some differences in the way your document may look like but at least all words and content is there. You can then save it on your computer but it will be in Word .doc format. Source.

Edit PDF: All You Need to Know

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