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What Are The Best Software To Edit PDF Brochures?

The only way that you can achieve a slick, efficient and organized system of PDF annotation is with a professional tool. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for five of the best pieces of PDF annotation software on the market. PDF Annotator PDF Annotator is a tool which does exactly what it says in its name. With this piece of software, users can access PDFs on any device and then edit them in a wide variety of different ways. The software’s impressive toolbar provides the options of highlights, free drawing in a number of different colors, adding stamps or icons, inserting an additional blank page, uploading a photo, or signing it off. The document can then be displayed as part of an interactive presentation, thanks to PDF Annotator’s customized presentation mode. What’s more, edits can be viewed by anyone accessing the edited PDF document, regardless of whether or not t download the PDF Annotator program. Xodo Xodo is an intuitive piece of PDF annotation software that makes it easy to edit a PDF. Amongst Xodo’s specialized features, users can quickly fill out PDF forms by typing directly into fill-in fields on the document. Using the same function, managers can directly sign a document in its PDF form without having to go through the hassle of printing and scanning the form. Simply click the free draw tool and add your signature to the file. Or, you can select your signature from a pre-saved image. Xodo also makes document version management easy. PDF files can be uploaded to either Dropbox or Google Drive directly from Xodo, ensuring that the latest version is automatically synced to the cloud after your edits. Wondershare PDFelement Wondershare PDFelement is a professional PDF annotation tool that makes collaborative edits across the team efficient and well-organized. This software allows marketing teams to manage their workflow, comment on drafts, and take new assets through the review process as quickly as possible. Alongside marketing teams, this tool can also be used for a variety of other functions, including sales, accounting, and even educational teams. Furthermore, Wondershare PDFelement supports PDF documents in more than ten different languages. GetLiner GetLiner is a web-based PDF annotator that enables users to highlight and comment on PDFs without even having to exit their web browser. Alternatively, this software can also be accessed as a mobile app or as a dedicated browser extension. It is a slick and efficient tool, noted for its ease of use. Users can seamlessly add notes, annotations and comments to a PDF in GetLiner. Then, t can even categorize these additions by clicking on the comments then selecting a tag. Filestage Filestage is an innovative document review and approval tool that offers multiple features, including PDF annotation tools. With Filestage, reviewers can leave precise comments directly on the PDF file. Additionally, users can annotate with highlighting tools, shapes and a free drawing tool. The best part is that feedback can be discussed in real-time with other reviewers, eliminating misunderstandings and therefore saving a lot of time in the process. While the PDF document goes through the established review and approval process, the project manager can easily track the status of the file and can see whose feedback or approval is still pending. When the manager sets deadlines for files, each reviewer gets an automatic reminder to leave feedback or give approval in time. As you can see, PDF annotation is a fantastic way to upgrade your way of working and fast forward your processes to the 21st century. For more info, read the full PDF annotation guide including tips, tools and use cases.

Edit PDF: All You Need to Know

To help you choose the right PDF annotation software to suit your workflow and the document you're about to edit, visit our article on the best PDF annotation software.   Which Adobe products are recommended for PDF annotation? In this article, you'll be able to find the recommended plugins and extensions for Adobe products such as Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro CS6 for managing PDF files.

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